Learn About Craps Odds

Anyone who understands the rules of online craps can then move on to learn the odds to win at craps. A large part of understanding online craps is about understanding craps odds.

How to Play Craps

The game is played with a set of two dice, so each combined number that is possible to be rolled has its own set of odds based on how many possible combinations exist in order to come up with that number. Looking at some examples of odds in craps, there are a number of ways the shooter can roll a six using two dice: 5+1, 4+2, 3+3, 2+4 and 1+5. Let's compare this to the number two, which can only be rolled one way with two dice: 1+1. Since there is such a variety of ways to roll a six in online craps, the number six offers greater odds of coming up.


Because of the increased player odds, a six does not pay out as much as the numbers that have lesser odds of being rolled, such as two. The frequency by which a number can be rolled is what winning craps odds is based on. If the number is a more common one, the payout will be smaller because the odds of rolling that number are higher. Less common numbers tend to pay out higher because they have the best odds in craps. When a person wants to learn odds to win at craps he should note that Hardway bets are bets that attempt to predict not only the number that will be rolled but how it will be rolled; an example of a Hardway bet is betting that a six will come up as 3+3.

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