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The Solo debit card, issued Maestro Switch Card Scheme, was first released on 1st July 1997. It is a sister card to the Maestro debit card. It targets first time debit card customers who are unable to meet Maestro debit card requirements. More than 5.3 million Solo cards are currently in the circulation. The card is very similar to the Visa electron and its verification can only be done electronically.

Some banks set the minimum age for the customers who can qualify for the Solo card at 11 years old. These include the NatWest bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Other banks like the HSBC have set a minimum age of 13 for one to get a solo card. Most banks prefer this card because a customer can only use the funds that are in his or her account. You cannot exceed this.

The Solo debit card shares the same system with the Maestro card and therefore has added security features. As the card holder, you enter your card numbers. Your card issuing bank then confirms if you have enough funds for the transaction. If you have enough funds, the transaction is completed. The amount charged will appear in your account after a day or two. You can also withdraw cash using a Solo Debit Card. The card helps customers to spend only what they have. You can get the card without regards to your past credit ratings.

The main issue with this card is that it is not accepted by many merchant. More merchants are however started to accept this card and this issue will soon be sorted out. Also, because a Solo debit card is available to people less than 18 years old, it is likely to be rejected at most online casinos. This is because these casinos have a strict over 18 policy.

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